Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hiding the stains...chic stroller covers.

There are loads of stroller covers out there. They are pretty functional, not just to pimp up your 'chic baby's' wheels, but to preserve the life of their stroller, by preventing wear and tear on the actual stroller fabric.

When I was in Miami last week, I noticed one I hadn't seen before. It's from BVkids and comes in over 40 designs, including some that use the minky fabric ( so soft). They are quite popular below the Mason Dixon line but I am sure they will be in Yankee territory soon. They start at $68.
There is also the celeb favorite (Marcia Cross, Nicole Ritchie, J Lo, Halle Berry,etc), from Booyah Baby, started by 2 LA moms. These are also gorgeous and start around $69.

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