Friday, September 25, 2009

Eco friendly and Fair trade

Recycled and Fairtrade bags are all over Europe and are picking up steam here. In this post the bags listed are from cooperatives who use recycled matierials, such as rice bags or juice boxes to create really stylish bags and accessories. To create a product that is both eco friendly and fair trade is a double thumbs up as far as I am concerned. The cooperatives where these bags are made, better the lives of the people working in them and give them fair wages and working conditions...basically NO SWEATSHOPS. So feel good about purchasing these products. Hey its's one small step in the right direction.
From Firebox, starts at $24.95. A pretty stylish tote made from recycled rice bags in Cambodia. From Doy Bags,a pencil case for the 'chic kiddos' for $7.99. The Sunkist bag,at the top of the page, is $ 19.99. Look through the site, they have a lot of other products as weel such as backpacks, coin purses, clutch weaved bags, etc. So grab something for yourself or your 'chic baby' and feel good at the same time!

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