Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Bracelet

Beautiful personalized bracelet from Red Envelope. Comes in 2 sizes, infant and toddler. Costs $44.90 with the engraving.

P.S. Sorry about the picture, go to the website for a better look.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Get one, give one.

We all saw the AT&T commercials about TOMS shoes last spring and summer. Basically for every shoe you purchase, a child in need gets a free pair from the company. TOMS calls it their 'One for One program'. Great concept that has been quite fashionable as of late, for adults, but very soon they are coming out with their tiny TOMS which will feature shoes for the under 4 year old crowd. They decided to make that move after loads of requests and also weighing in on the irony, that the shoes they were giving away ( but not selling to the public) were actually made for little children's feet. Until Tiny TOMS comes out there is the youth version. The one above is sooo urban chic and sells for $34 from the TOMS site, in sizes 10-13.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby Tough!

I am not the biggest fan of skull & crossbones on babies or kids...but if it has to be done this hits just the right spot. Cute shoe slip ons for $26. Also comes in a girls version of black with pink bones. From Me In Mind.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Preppy newborn!

This beautiful monogrammed, wrap style, one piece is from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. It comes in 3 colors and can be personalized with an intitial or monogram. Available in sizes 0 to 24 months. Costs $32 with personalization. makes a great newborn gift too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Name your germs!

Mypacifier.com has come up with a cute way to personalize your 'chic ones' germs. The company will personalize your pacifier with your baby's name or special saying which helps with all the missing or switched pacies, that we all experience or cringe at, as moms. The pacifiers are the clever creation of a Danish company, that has affiliates all over the world ( I wrote about them on my British blog, a while ago). They come in fabulous colors and shapes, so take a look at the website. The price starts at $15.00 for a pack of 3 pacifiers and they would also make a really cute gift! Also if you need a pacifier case/box to attach for your stroller, they sell those too for $4.50 and you can not find them anywhere else in America and they are divinely handy!

Kickboard scooter fans...introducing Aqua

Kickboard or Microlite, whatever name they go by, just gets better and better. The Mini Kick scooter has always been my favorite, although I was always a bit annoyed that they were very gender stereotypical in the beginning, with the choice of only 2 colors...pink and blue. This summer they introduced gender neutral orange which sold out immediately and was on back order and now they have....Aqua. The scooter costs $79.99, the price keeps going up every season. Kickboard says its from ages 3 to 5 but in Europe, Microlite (the same company) actually say from 2 to 5, I wonder what that is about?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lights and Action!

We love personalized items, so this lamp fits the criteria. This lamp can be personalized with any letter or name ( up to 6 letters). It is handmade and costs $110 and available at Romp, an amazing online shop that you can peruse their wonderful, unique and handcrafted items, for hours on end.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monogrammed luxury

I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. Comes in 3 colors, lt. blue, pink and camel and can be monogrammed with a name or initials. Also comes in 2 sizes 36"x46" and 28"x36" and costs $47.20 to $50.20 for the bigger blanket and about $10 less for the smaller receiving blanket. Perfect newborn gift! You do need to email or fax the monogram information separately from the online order to the company, A Soft Idea.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Because we all have friends that met online!

I laughed so hard when I saw this baby lap T shirt. Perfect newborn gift for new parents who met on the internet. Available from sizes 6 months to 18 months for $20.

Monday, October 5, 2009

You may accidently create good table manners!

I love all the designs behind Fred & Friends. It's whimsical and creative and just puts a smile on your face. The magic wand ice princess Ice Cube Tray and Straw is $9.99. The Stacking lego-like utensil set is $19.99... great gifts. Check out their other products as well.

Naartjie, anyone?

Naartjie is a South African company that has such a comfortable, stylish, bohemian vibe for kids. We have some of their clothes for a couple of years now, as well as having South African friends for longer who bought it for us! Naartjie has a few stores around the country, mostly on the West Coast. Unfortunately none in our area yet, although one is opening in New Jersey sometime soon. The fluffy jacket is $22, comes in a couple more colors and I adore it on a chic little one! The T shirt is on sale for $11, also available in other colors. Check out their site and if you are in LA, like I was, check out their stores...I spent an hour in there!

BTW, naartjie means a small clementine in South African, in case you were wondering.