Friday, October 23, 2009

Get one, give one.

We all saw the AT&T commercials about TOMS shoes last spring and summer. Basically for every shoe you purchase, a child in need gets a free pair from the company. TOMS calls it their 'One for One program'. Great concept that has been quite fashionable as of late, for adults, but very soon they are coming out with their tiny TOMS which will feature shoes for the under 4 year old crowd. They decided to make that move after loads of requests and also weighing in on the irony, that the shoes they were giving away ( but not selling to the public) were actually made for little children's feet. Until Tiny TOMS comes out there is the youth version. The one above is sooo urban chic and sells for $34 from the TOMS site, in sizes 10-13.

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