Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fun crayons

I wanted to start highlighting some more eco/organic/ green items since I have been pretty environmentally conscience myself, after living in Europe for years. I am happy that this year, Earth Day and frankly, the whole month of April, received much more attention here in the States, then years past. I will probably be adding a weekly addition to the blog, maybe a 'green toy Tuesday, or an 'eco friendly Friday' to post about some ideas or items I have found....but it's Wednesday and I couldn't think of a catchy post title and since I have been remiss in my postings as of late, here goes....

Eco stars from the same company that brought you Miss Brittany's Fun Dough. These crayons come in fabulous star shapes, different colors, and write superbly ( I have tested these myself). They are made out of crayons collected from the National Crayon Recycling Program ( I didn't know there was such a clever program either). So basically they are 'upcycled' or recycled. Available directly from their website for $ 8.95. Makes a great add on or party favor gift.

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