Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bring on the Holiday gifts!

I received the Uncommon Goods catalogue at home and went looking through it. They have some really cute gifts for the holidays. The puzzle above hit me right away because as most parents, we are told so many conflicting things about teaching our 'chic ones' the alphabet...start teaching only lower case, start with caps only, don't teach the names of the letters instead just teach how to sound it out, etc.... Well I have taught the caps approach and it is so hard to find puzzles with cap letters only...enter the Animal Spelling Puzzle from Eeboo for $15( one of my favorite toy companies).

The construction plate and utensils set, makes eating fun and creative. The plate is $15 and the utensils are $18.

Every parents knows that a mistletoe is indeed never needed to give your 'chic baby' a big kiss. This 'no mistletoe needed' onesie is $25 and made from 100% organic bamboo, limited quantities available.

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